Car sharing system powered by sun funtions as neighborhood battery in the Netherlands and Belgium

Over the next two years, our ambition is to realize a network of 80 solar roofs, 63 bi-directional charging stations and 150 electric shared cars. Therefor, we install solar roofs in schools, sports halls and municipal buildings in the immediate vicinity of residential areas in the south of Netherlands and Flanders.

These solar panels will provide not only for the building, as well as for shared electric cars, which save and generate energy through the use of smart, bi-directional charging points when the demand for electricity is high in a sustainable and flexible way.

By employing a sharing system, car use is made more efficient. Did you know that a privately used car sits unused for an average of 23 hours a day? One shared car can replace an average of four to 12 privately owned cars. This sharing system also frees up space otherwise needed for parking, making room for public green areas.

DeeldeZon ultimately contributes to the energy transition by realizing energy-neutral neighborhoods, towns, cities and countries.